Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back home again

Finally arrived back home late Saturday night after attending the wedding of a friend's son in Decorah, Iowa. The trip was wonderful, but it felt good to be back in my own bed. Got our for a round of golf today, and shot a season-best 81.

An amazing coincidence at the wedding reception on Saturday: I saw a friend who used to live in Red Wing, but who has retired up in the Wisconsin woods. I started telling him about my Colorado trip, and referenced the 10th Mountain Division (see post below). Turns out his father was one of the those 10th Mountain Division soldiers! He knew all about their training near Leadville, CO, the battles in Italy, etc. At one point a German artillery shell fell near his father's foxhole, and while his father was knocked unconscious, he recovered and went on to fight. Years later, when his father was in is 60s, he visited a dentist to have a toothache treated. A dental x-ray revealed a piece of shrapnel in his mouth that had been in there for more than 40 years!

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