Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The new Wild 3rd sweater

It wasn't supposed to be unveiled until Saturday at the State Fair, but pics of the new Minnesota Wild 3rd sweater leaked out today. My first impression is that I'm very underwhelmed.

I confess, I never liked our green sweater back in the early days when we had just the green and white. I've always been a huge fan of the red sweater, which was the original "3rd" sweater and then became our regular home sweater a couple years ago. I didn't mind that they dropped the original green version.

It looks a bit like the Western Conference sweaters from the NHL All-Star Game that was played at the X back in 2004. We should see it for six or seven home games this season. Perhaps it will grow on me, but for now, I'd rather stick with the red. Red is a much better color, and a number of NHL teams use red as a primary or secondary color. Outside of Dallas, I don't think a Stanley Cup has ever been won by a team wearing green as a primary color.

(Brent Burns is the model. Hope the concussions have healed, big guy.)

UPDATE: Here are a couple of the "concepts" that were being thrown around for the 3rd sweater. If they had to go green, I would have been much more excited about this one, with the diagonal lettering, but I really would have liked the white one (technically, the color is "Minnesota Wheat") with the round logo. I love our round logo, which made its debut along with the red 3rd sweater back in 2005.

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