Monday, September 21, 2009

I LOVE this kid

Greatest. Home. Video. Ever. Someone taught their 4-year-old Herb Brooks' pre-game speech to his team before they faced the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics, and put it up on YouTube. I don't know many other details, except apparently the kid's name is "Rizzo" which I assume is short for Eruzione, which would indicate this is likely an east coast guy who made the video. Enjoy it, share it, tell people about it and let's make this kid famous!

(Just below is Kurt Russell as Herb in the movie Miracle. It was my pleasure to know Herb a bit, and Kurt Russell does him so well that I now think of Russell as Herb. If I see the movie "Overboard," my first reaction is "Why is Herb on a boat?" If I see "Backdraft," I think "Why is Herb a firemen?" Russell just nailed the part.)

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  1. I make jokes about "Why is Herb doing...?" everytime I see Russell too. Good times.