Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The face of union thuggery

Meet the goons of the Service Employees International Union. The SEIU has a long history of violent protest, with a number of their members being arrested last year for becoming violent during the town hall meetings of various members of Congress.

Last week, the SEIU decided it had a beef with Bank of America - and other financial institutions - regarding the high number of defaulted mortgages and foreclosures. So where did they decide to protest? On Capitol Hill? In front of a Bank of America branch? At a shareholder's meeting?
No. They chose instead to invade the private home of a Bank of America executive. About 500 SEIU members pulled up in 14 buses outside the home of Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for B of A, in Washington, D.C. (And, ironically, a longtime Democrat who worked in the Clinton administration.)

As recounted here, the thugs swarmed over Baer's lawn, surrounding the house and chanting.

Sadly, the only person at home was the Baer's teenage son, who locked himself in the bathroom, terrified, and waited for help to arrive. His father finally returned from his other son's little league game, fought his way through the crowd and got his son out of the house.

Also covering themselves in glory were D.C. police, who finally arrived and then told a neighbor they weren't going to arrest anyone for trespassing because it might "incite" the crowd.

So why single out B of A for protest when so many other mortgage lenders are in the same boat with regards to foreclosures? Well, it turns out that B of A is the SEIU's banker as well, and the financially-troubled SEIU owes B of A more than $4 million in interest and fees (after spending more than $70 million on Democrat's campaigns in 20008.)

Wouldn't you like to wake up one morning and see a mob like this outside your house, particularly knowing that the police won't do anything? This is the new face of America's liberal left.

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