Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Media hypocrisy, volume 481....

I have no strong feelings about whether General McChrystal should have resigned over his comments, although I tend to think that anyone stupid enough to think Rolling Stone would write a fair profile is probably not bright enough to be leading troops.

But the one thing that's fun to notice is the media's reaction. During the Bush administration, practically anyone above the rank of corporal who disagreed with war policy was singled out by the media as a hero, profiled in Newsweek and interviewed on 60 Minutes.

But now, when a general is found criticizing the Chosen One, the media is suddenly offended by the idea that anyone is uniform should do anything but blindly follow orders. The New York Times, which provided classified information to Al-Qaeda during the Bush years, now apparently believes in strict military discipline and keeping one's mouth shut.

Also of note today, a federal judge pretty much called Obama a liar in the judge's ruling that blocked the offshore drilling moratorium. Not a good day to be a lefty.

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