Thursday, September 23, 2010

A little muscle from New Jersey

I have to admit that I'm developing some sort of man-crush on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This guys is exactly what you want in a governor: A take-no-prisoners conservative who is not afraid of anyone. His callout of the NJ teachers union is a thing of beauty.

This week he traveled to California to campaign for Meg Whitman, who is running for governor. When a heckler tried to interrupt Whitman, Christie decided he'd had enough. Enjoy the clip here.


  1. What are your thoughts regarding the George Nemanich for principal snub? A lot of Red Wing teachers & families are very upset about this. Seems like Red Wing lost a good educator and he is Rochester's gain. Thoughts? I certainly question what is going on in the Red Wing School System to let a great educator like George Nemanich go....what's the educational political field like down there?

  2. Governor Christie needs to be cloned in all 49 other states!! NJ is blessed to have him!! Wish there were many more like him!!

    TFMH :)