Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One big honkin' ring

One of my clients is the Upper Midwest High School Elite League, a fall hockey league for high school players. Every crowd includes a large contingent of scouts and college coaches, and tonight one of the scouts on hand was a fellow who works for the Chicago Blackhawks. Last week he received his Stanley Cup ring, and was kind enough to let me wear it for a moment. My camera phone picture is a little blurry, so I've also included a pic from the Blackhawks' web site that shows better detail. A few facts:

-- The ring is made of 14-kt white gold
-- It contains about 400 diamonds, seven baguette-cut rubies and two pear-shaped emeralds
-- The diamonds total about 8.0 carats
-- Each receipient's name is engraved inside the ring
-- Each ring is valued at about $30,500
-- Each player's wife received a similarly designed pendant, valued at about $10,500

I hope that when the Wild wins the Cup, the "gets-a-ring" list extends to the Guest Services staff.

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