Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who runs Wisconsin?

Is it the taxpayers, and their elected representatives? Or is it the thuggish teachers union? We're going to find out over the next few days as the union continues its "sick-in," thereby shutting down a large number of schools, in response to Governor Scott Walker's efforts to get the state budget back in balance.

This group of "education professionals" brought real shame to themselves earlier this week when about 2,000 of them massed outside of the Governor's home in suburban Milwaukee, an act of intimidation that looked remarkably like a third-world protest.

Now the union's bought-and-paid-for Democratic members of the Legislature have fled the capitol, refusing to vote on the proposed budget.

For several decades, public employees have been paid more, and worked less, than their private-sector counterparts, and now that unsustainable model is crashing down. It's interesting to see how the teachers - always quick to claim that they are there "for the children" - are willing to abandon the children when their taxpayer-fleecing way of life is threatened.


  1. Take it from someone who was screwed out of a month of her 10th grade education, I still don't know geometry well and my teachers let me down. Please, get back to work Wisconsin teachers; or don't claim you love these kids at all.

  2. Sadly, as the teachers' unions grew, their dedication to the children became less and less. It has become all about them retiring as soon as possible with all their benefits paid for - by us - for life! There are too many who start their retirement "countdown" a good five years in advance. Want to guess just how effective they are in the classroom during that "countdown" time?? Just read some of these kids' college and/or professional school personal statements and you will see how pathetic our education system has become!! Very sad...... Good for Governor Walker!! If only we had him here in MN!!!!

    TFMH :}