Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update to the story below

Just to give you an idea of just how stupid these Wisconsin police and firefighter union leaders are, they've now published a list of companies that refused to knuckle under to their threats and renounce Gov. Walker's budget plan.

Set aside for a moment the idea that boycotting Wisconsin businesses during a recession is somehow going to be good for Wisconsin workers. Let's look at the union's own self-interest:

One of the companies they are urging Wisconsinites to boycott is MillerCoors, the parent company of Miller Brewing and Coors Brewing. The company's "sin" is that their PAC apparently made a campaign contribution to Gov. Walker.

First of all, the idea that you can get Wisconsin folk to give up Miller beer is idiotic. It's like asking people in other states to give up breathing oxygen. Not going to happen, and our Badger-loving neighbors have the DWI statistics to prove it.

Secondly, the State of Wisconsin's pension fund holds $7.2 million in shares of MillerCoors. That's right, the geniuses that run the union have called for a boycott that would - if effective - LOWER the value of their own member's pension fund. How that is going to help their members is a mystery. And MillerCoors is just one of the companies on the list whose stock is held by the pension fund.

They also want to boycott the Wisconsin Dental Association. Could be a big year for cavities among the Cheeseheads, unless they start adding flouride to beer.

The entire boycott list is here. Personally, I think I'm going out to head over to WalMart, buy a six-pack of Miller Lite and maybe shop for something with a Briggs & Stratton engine in it. And I'll keep filling up at Kwik Trip as well.

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  1. And I'm with ya, Buddy!! Hopefully, this list will INCREASE business for these courageous - and smart - businesses!!

    TFMH :)