Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Total cop-out, I realize, but still.....

I have to admit that I just don't have the ability to adequately summarize this year's Stanley Cup Final, now headed for a Game Seven Wednesday night in Hell, excuse me, Vancouver. Boston's 5-2 beatdown tonight (a 4-0 lead in less than 10 minutes) was spectacular, and this has easily been the most entertaining Final of the past decade.

But as I said, I'm not enough of a writer to do it justice, and so I'm going to turn it over to one of the writers I admire most, Bill Simmons of ESPN.com. Simmons - a.k.a. The Sports Guy - is such a talented writer that I'm now reading his 800-page book about basketball for the third time, and I don't even like basketball.

He admits that he's being a front-runner, but he took his Dad to Game Four of the Finals, and wrote a spectacular column about the evening, and about his relationship with hockey. It's a great read, and you can see it all by clicking here. Enjoy.

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