Sunday, January 29, 2012

The case for optimism

The weekend brought a lot of interesting reading, including a piece here in which British scientists and their data show that not only did any "global warming" cease to exist 15 years ago, but that the sun's patterns suggest we've entered a "little ice age" similar to that of the 17th century. Fascinating piece that adds to the mountain of proof that "global warming" is a massive hoax, but we'll talk about that another day.

But I really enjoyed this piece from the Wall St. Journal, which makes a case for almost giddy optimism about the future. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm smart enough to fully understand all of their points, but they have a worldview that I find easy to agree with: The best is yet to come.

Over the past 200+ years, almost all of the answers to the world's problems have been found in America. Innovation, technology, engineering, you name it, and the minds of Americans have pioneered the solutions to the world's problems. These two argue that - much like America a century ago - we are on the cusp of gigantic progress that will radically improve the world, and that the solutions will be found in an "American culture...particularly suited to times of tumult and challenge."

Again, I'm not smart enough to grasp it all, but it gives me hope that just as American survived and prospered after catastrophes such as the Civil War, the Great Depression and the Clinton Administration, we will also survive and prosper despite the Age of Obama.

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