Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How tough are Alaskans?

You may have noticed in the news that they had a little cold snap up in Alaska a few days ago. How cold? Well, in one small interior town, it got to 79 degrees below zero, and they were all poised to break their all-time record of -80, when the thermometer broke. That's cold!

Now, I grew up playing outdoor hockey, so I know a little something about cold. We used to want it to be between about zero and 10 degrees, because at that temperature, the ice stayed hard, and if you were skating with a hat and sweatshirt on, you stayed perfectly warm. If it got up to 20 degrees, it was really too warm.

These Alaskans, however, operate on a totally different scale. As proof, you can read a message from the McGrath School District to its parents, outlining the "cold weather policy." In a nutshell, the policy is this:

Anything down to -49 degrees: School schedule is normal
-50 to -54: School runs two hours late
-55 and colder: Then we shut down school

Imagine living in a place where you have to get to -50 before things even START to change! I admire these folks a lot, although I don't quite understand why they want to live there.

You can read the entire memo here.

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