Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poor, poor Julia

When Obama is defeated this November, I expect there will be many, many moments we will be able to look back on and say, "Boy, that's where he really lost it." It might be a debate gaffe, it might be when the Supreme Court overturns big chunks of Obamacare or it might be the inevitable moment when Joe Biden throws up his hands and asks, "Who am I and what am I doing here?" It might be the moment his campaign introduced that old Communist standard, "Forward," as its slogan.

Translation of the one on the left: "Under the banner of Lenin and the Leadership of Stalin: Forward!" Translation of the one on the right: "Please forget the nightmare of the past four years."

(Click here for a treasure trove of Communist "Forward" posters from over the years. Really, does anyone in this administration know how to use Google?)

But I think the Obama campaign goof I'm going to remember most is the creation of "Julia," the faceless, hapless, leftward-looking ward of the state created by the web wizards in the Obama shop.

In case you've missed the odd little tale of Julia, you can see the entire goofy little presentation here. Congressman Paul Ryan described Julia's story as "creepy," and that might be the best word for it, but there are so many others that could be used: Sexist, clueless, elitist, demeaning to women, scary and false.

Julia, age 3, headed for a life of serving Great Leader
The premise of Julia's tale is that everything in her life - her ability to read, her education, her career, even her child - is a gift from the great and powerful all-wise benevolent leader, King Obama.

The Obama campaign web site tells little Julia's life story, along with an alternative view of all the evils and pitfalls that will befall her if that nasty, smelly, icky, yucky Mitt Romney is elected President. 

It's impossible to read without laughing, but it's not just the amateurish artwork and childish text that make Julia's story so damaging to the Obama campaign.

It's that they believe it.

Julia's story is a crystal clear window into the mind of Obama and the American left, which believes that no one can succeed in America without government holding their hand and leading them every step of the way. In their world, no one learns to read, graduates high school, goes to college, swallows a pill, starts a business, raises a family or retires unless there's a government agency, program and bureaucrat to pave the way.

It's the vision they've been working to shove down our throats since Obama took office, a vision of (as Mitt Romney called it) a government-centered society in which all of the "smart" people will amass more and more power and tell the great unwashed how to live their lives in sheep-like compliance.

The tale of Julia's life is in direct contract to the American dream itself. We're a nation that broke free from the most powerful country in the world, settled a continent and became the most powerful force for freedom on the planet, and none of that required an army of unelected bureaucrats writing rules and regulations (or confiscatory tax rates) to make it happen.

What Julia has done is let us look right into the heart and soul of Obama and the left, where individuals are nothing but wards of the state, and their lives reflect only the greatness of government. As more and more Americans begin to understand that, Obama's grip on power will become more and more tenuous.


  1. One is forced to think of President Clin-ton and his pledge to, "Move forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always whirling, whirling, whirling towards freedom"

  2. "Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!"

  3. Being able to quote the Simpsons for virtually any situation is one of my family's most endearing traits!