Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The immigration "Catch and Release" program

We continue to learn more about Carlos Viveros-Colorado, the accused killer of young Clarisse Grime (see previous post) and the role our immigration system played in keeping him around the Twin Cities and available to create mayhem.

I opined yesterday that Viveros-Colorado should have been deported after his 2001 DWI conviction, or possibly after subsequent traffic violations, including a conviction for driving without a license. Turns out that he was. Sort of.

According to the Pioneer Press, after the 2001 conviction, the Immigration and Naturalization Service ordered him deported, and he elected to "voluntarily" leave the country. Of course, like a baserunner tagging up on a fly ball, Carlos went back to Mexico, tapped his foot on the soil and came back into the U.S. Apparently none of his subsequent brushes with the law were enough to trigger another deportation hearing, possibly because St. Paul's "Sanctuary City" ordinance ties the hands of law enforcement when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants or reporting the immigration status of criminals.

None of which is a problem, according to CV-C's attorney, Alberto Miera, who painted a pretty flattering portrait of his client at Monday's court appearance. Although he broke our laws twice by entering the country illegally, never got a drivers license and had numerous traffic violations in addition to the DWI, Carlos "has tried to be as responsible as he could under the circumstances," the Pioneer Press wrote.

Try that approach the next time you're pulled over for speeding, or the IRS says you owe more in taxes, or the building inspector says you don't have the right permit. "But I was just trying to be as responsible as I could under the circumstances." If you're a citizen, that's not likely to be a successful defense.

But give the Pioneer Press credit for at least presenting some information about Viveros-Colorado's checkered immigration history. Over at the Star Tribune, reporter Anthony Lonetree managed to write a 14-paragraph story about Monday's court appearance without even mentioning the fact that CV-C was in the country illegally. The Star Tribune's editorial position, of course, is that there is no problem with illegal immigrants, all of whom allegedly show up here, work hard, obey the law, pay their taxes and add to the rich tapestry of "diversity." So Lonetree was just toeing the company line. Nothing to see here, folks, just a little car accident, move along.


  1. The Strib is about too sick to parody.
    Russ Davis

  2. Thanks for this Tim - more and more it appears that the practice of liberalism is through the avoidance of accountability.

  3. Of course, the Strib had a lot of ink about Amy Senser's sentencing. Boo hoo!

  4. How many illegals work at the Strib? More than a few, I reckon.

  5. Is anyone else just terrified for the nation we are leaving to our beautiful grandchildren????? I will NEVER understand why this upcoming election - the most important in MY lifetime - could even be somewhat close!! obama (and his incompetent as he is cronies) should be flushed out in a landslide!! The fact that anyone is still thinking of voting for him scares the living daylights out of me!

    TFMH :-}