Sunday, August 12, 2012

The coming barrage of lies about Paul Ryan

Picking a running mate is often called the "first presidential decision" a candidate makes, and if that's the case, Mitt Romney hit a home run in choosing Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. I written about Ryan before, at a time when almost no one outside his district and Capitol Hill had heard of him.

He is best known as a "budget wonk," who knows as much as any human can know about the federal budget. But in addition to his knowledge, he is articulate and personable as well, and he put those talents to use creating a series of videos that explain - in terms virtually anyone can understand - the disastrous fiscal path we are on. They're brief, but insightful. Here's the first one:


The second one explains the coming crisis in Medicare. Here it is:

Now, here's what you're going to hear over and over in the next few weeks from the slimy folks running the Obama campaign: Paul Ryan is a heartless jerk who wants to balance the budget on the backs of old people by killing Medicare.

Here's the truth: If we don't fix Medicare very, very soon. It's not going to be there for ANYONE. Not you, no me, not anyone under the age of 50. There's an old fiscal adage that goes something like this: Anything that cannot be sustained, won't be.

Medicare cannot be sustained as it is, and anyone that says it doesn't have to be fixed is lying to you. The cruelest thing you can do is NOT fix Medicare, because if you don't, it's going to go broke.

And after three years in office - and seeing what the future holds - Obama has done nothing to fix the problem. And when Ryan had the guts to present a solution to the problem of our crushing debt, the administration sent Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner up to Capitol Hill to criticize Ryan's approach. As you can see in this clip, Ryan showed Geithner the mountain of debt in front of us and asked what HIS solution was. Hit the "play" button and you'll hear Geithner admit, "We don't have a solution. We just don't like yours." That's not only irresponsible, it's cruel and heartless.

The choice is this election has become very clear: We can re-elect Obama and continue down the path to fiscal ruin, towards a government that can't pay for Medicare, Social Security or any of its obligations, or we can put people in charge who recognize the problem and are willing to solve it. 

If the American voters decide to listen to the lies that are on the way from Team Obama about Paul Ryan and the federal budget, then the collapse of the nation's finances is on their head.

What can you do? Whenever you hear someone say "I don't know, the Republicans sound like they want to get rid of Medicare," you can tell them the truth, and show them the Path to Prosperity videos. Or you can say nothing, and watch things crumble.


  1. I love him. He is clear enough for even your dummy daughter to understand.

  2. Republicans actually have fewer rich people than the demoncrats and don't break us up into groups.
    Republicans do not lie or want dirty air or water.
    They do want energy independance and opportunity for all.
    Equality for opportunity but not out come. Cannot guarantee outcome no matter who you are.
    Ryan needs to speak honestly and loudly often.

  3. The democrats must feel very threatened by Ryan to start spewing so many lies right off the bat.