Friday, September 28, 2012

Great moments in public education

I had the chance to run up to Red Wing High School today, where I haven't been much since my youngest child graduated. One of the features of the school is a "roundabout" in the front, and over the years it's been the habit of many people to park along the circle during sporting events, concerts, etc.

The school decided to put an end to the practice, so they purchased a half-dozen signs and placed them around the circle, all of which look just like this one:

That's right, they used the adverb "maybe" instead of the proper two words, "may" and "be."

Just a nice reminder to several hundred students every morning that the people running their educational institution don't have a great grip on basics like English grammar.


  1. Ooooooh....taking my diploma off the wall...

  2. And this, in the "Education State." This is anything but a good education state!!!! One more proof of it!!

    TFMH :-{

  3. Seems to me that these are all Socialist programs, especially Public education, modeled after Germany. Yet when asked about these the answer is "well that is too important to allow the free market to run that" Ask a Conservative about Social Security and they tell you "we will get voted out if we oppose that" same with Medicare since these are all socialist programs. What does this say about conservatives and their philosophy, is it only for certain Govt run programs?

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