Sunday, October 14, 2012


With so much going on, I've found it difficult to closely follow the baseball playoffs. What little attention I've paid has been focused on the Baltimore Orioles, for whom I have a soft spot after they became my "home team" during the years I lived in D.C., and for the Detroit Tigers, the first team I ever rooted for (as a 3-year-old...I was born in Michigan). Good friend Gary Russell is a great Tigers fan, and it would be terrific for him to see another Tigers' title.

What I've read a lot of, however, is how awful the TBS coverage of the playoffs have been. And tonight, as evidence that they really don't have a clue, they put up this graphic:

That's right, they misspelled the name of the greatest player of all time, Willie Mays.

Regular readers know that Mays holds a special place in my heart; My youngest son is Willie Mays Droogsma, and I will brook no argument against the idea that the Say Hey Kid is the greatest player ever.  You MIGHT be able to make a cogent argument for Babe Ruth, but some of the other greats....Mantle, Williams, DiMaggio, Jackson, etc....forget it. No one played the game like Willie.

And if the folks running your broadcast can't spell his name right, it's probably time to let another network have a chance.

UPDATE: I've been informed that earlier this week, the TBS graphics crew printed the name of their own announcer as "Carl Ripken, Jr."

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