Thursday, October 22, 2009

There may be hope for this country...

Sorry there were no blog posts from Myrtle Beach. Seems the condo we rented, which advertised "free wi-fi," really meant "you can sometimes poach a wireless signal from the neighbors." Except the neighbors all have secured wi-fi, so nothing was happening, internet-wise.

Or much else-wise. The weather was frigid, as most of the southeastern U.S. was having an incredible cold snap. It's hard to get excited for golf when it's 45 degrees and the north wind is kicking up around 20 mph. We fought our way through 7 rounds over five days, but very little of it was much fun. Oh well, after 11 trips, we were bound to have one that was something less than perfect.

On my flight home, however, I had a great moment that improved my mood. I was sitting in a window seat, reading National Review, and the poor fellow trapped in the center seat of our row pulled out a Glenn Beck book to read. The woman to his left said, "Oh, I just read that, and it was great. I'm not always very political, but he really made me think." Then the guy reached into his bag and said, "You might like reading these as well," and handed her two copies of Imprimis, the great conservative idea journal published by Hillsdale College. So there we were, three strangers on an Atlanta-to-Minneapolis flight, each reading and enjoying conservative material. I said to the two of them, "There may be hope for this country after all."

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  1. Does give ya hope, doesn't it!

    Sorry for the lousy weather - but I'd say you ended on a high note on the flight home!!

    The Fetching Mrs. Harker :)