Monday, November 30, 2009

As my head explodes....

....Just for my birthday, Marian Gaborik scored tonight to become the first player in the NHL this season to reach 20 goals. Then, just for good measure, he scored his 21st later in the period. See the magical hands in action here.

That's 240 goals in his career...just five more and he will already have scored more than 10% of his career goals as a New York Ranger, despite playing for them just two months. As mentioned in the post last April 9, in 10 years no one will remember that one of the best players in history was ever a member of the Minnesota Wild.

It's killing me.

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  1. Oh, Tim!! I can just feel your pain!! But, wish you a very happy belated birthday!! Maybe it will get better???? Haha!!

    Shelley (aka TFMH) :)