Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blast from the past

A few posts ago I blogged about the afternoon I had Al Gore in the back seat of my old 1970 Mustang convertible. Now, courtesy of buddy Keith Jacobson, comes an actual photograph of the vehicle. Here I am, styling big-time in 1987. The mismatched hubcaps are an especially nice touch.

Keith also sent along this photo of the two of us in March, 1983. The "Cattle Congress" was the name of the old hockey arena in Waterloo, Iowa, where we would go every March for a tournament with our Rochester team and beat up on Iowijans. It was a rickety old arena that smelled badly from the cattle auctions they held in it every summer. Perhaps some day I'll blog about "The Greatest Iowa Face-Off Story Ever Told." In the meantime, I'll apologize for the hair, and I'm sure Keith would like to apologize for the beard and the Ronald McDonald bib. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

To Marty, the Alexanders, Dickman, Winky and all the others: Thanks for making me the greatest goalie ever to perform in the State of Iowa (as far as anyone knows.)

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