Friday, December 18, 2009

Try to have a little class, eh?

The travails of auto mogul Denny Hecker have been well-documented in the media, and even though I know a bit about the auto business, I don't have any real insights into why his business empire collapsed, nor do I know him personally beyond a couple of cursory introductions at various functions.

In addition to the failures of his business, Hecker has been in the news because of his bankruptcy filing, and the messy divorce proceedings between Hecker and his wife Tamitha. The two were granted a divorce Thursday, and here was the quote Denny gave to the Star-Tribune:

"I am just tickled pink to untie the rope from the anchor."

I know divorces can be ugly - even those between 57-year-old millionaires and 42-year-old bleached blondes - but isn't the mother of two of your children entitled to something a little classier than that? Like maybe saying "No comment" for once in your life?


  1. Perhaps not knowing how to respond appropriately to anyone or anything contributed to his implosion??? Just a thought! Thanks for calling him out!!

    TFMH :)

  2. That metaphorical rope will be up for government auction within six months. That's right, he's in so deep that they're repo-ing metaphors.