Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Math is hard at the Star-Tribune

The Star-Tribune has been performing as a public relations arm of the Dayton Administration since the government shutdown began on July 1. Every story is written from the premise that the shutdown is bad, and that Republicans are at fault. (Though it was Dayton who vetoed a balanced budget and refused a "lights-on" bill that would have kept things functioning.)

The bias in favor of considering the shutdown a catastrophe made it into the paper's web site Monday when a headline said "As the shutdown enters its third week..."

Well, I'm no math wizard, but I think the timekeeping goes something like this: The shutdown started on July 1, and today was July 11. That is somewhere around 11 days. If we were going into our third week, it seems that this should have been maybe - oh, I don't know - maybe the 15th day of the shutdown?

When folks have that much trouble with simple math, how can you trust them on the big things?

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