Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Right on the money

One of the real bright lights in the political firmament right now is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio is a rock-solid conservative as well as a bright, articulate spokesman for basic liberty and freedom issues. Yesterday on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Rubio summed up the Obama presidency very succinctly when asked by Hewitt about the president's problems.

"I think there are three things going on here. Number one, I think he’s a prisoner to extremist elements in his own base who not only, they don’t care that the taxes don’t solve any problems. They want their pound of flesh. They want to punish somebody, they want class warfare. That’s what they believe in. And this is their chance to do it, and they’re putting pressure on him to do that. So I think that’s his first problem. His second problem is that I think he’s surrounded by a bunch of people who philosophically do not believe fully in the free enterprise system, and in fact, they’d like to see government play a greater role. And they see this downturn in the economy, and crisis such as this, as an opportunity to exert more government involvement in our economy. And that’s the second problem. And his third problem is a level of incompetence. I think the President, quite frankly, is not up to the job. And if you look at every measure of quality of life in America today, unemployment is higher. The debt is higher. The only thing lower is the value of your home. If you look at every measurable economic thing in America today, they are all worse than they were the day he took over. Two and a half years into his presidency, things continue to get worse, not better, and it’s because the President is incompetent in his job as president. He is not, he doesn’t know what he’s doing."

Much of what Rubio said can be equally applied to Minnesota's own Gov. Goofy, Mark Dayton. I believe Rubio is going to be a major player on the national political stage for years to come.

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