Monday, June 4, 2012

The buffoonery of Jesse Jackson

It's been at least a couple decades now since Jesse Jackson completed his transition from civil rights activist to full-time circus clown. Wherever there's a TV camera and the chance to scream "racism," you can count on Jesse to show up and say something mind-numbingly stupid. It's his special gift.

This past weekend he showed up in Wisconsin, anxious to be part of the left-wing freak show that is the Gov. Scott Walker recall effort. Arriving in a $100,000 Mercedes, accompanied by a $75,000 Cadillac, this "man of the people" told the crowd that Walker had to be removed from office because, in part, "Milwaukee is the number one most segregated big city in America…and number four in poverty."

Sharing the platform with Jesse was the man opposing Walker - Tom Barrett - who happens to have been the Mayor of Milwaukee for the past eight years.

Funny stuff, JJ. Keep up the schtick.

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  1. Funny!!! There are some things you simply can't make up. You referred to him as a full-time circus clown. He's also a shake down artiest.