Tuesday, June 5, 2012


There were few things more fun tonight than watching the crowd as Tom Barrett made his concession speech tonight in Wisconsin's recall election. This was one room full of bummed-out folks.

With Barrett having lost to Gov. Scott Walker by six points 18 months ago, the Cheesehead lefties spent tens of millions of dollars of their union members' money to orchestrate another loss, this time by about nine points (as of 11:20 p.m., with 93% of the vote in.) I suppose if you gave them another 18 months and another $20 million, they could lose by 15 points.

I don't say this often, but they've earned it tonight: Well done, Badgers! Now we can go back to considering ALL of you a bunch of gap-toothed, knuckle-dragging, alcoholic Packer fans. (My Menomonie in-laws excluded, of course!)


  1. Four Super Bowl rings my man, four em!!!!!! And the team from MN, who are getting a new stadium at tax payers expense, have how many?

  2. Yeah, but we'll have a Stanley Cup before Wisconsin can comprehend a hockey game.