Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little hockey talk

Last night the Wild kept their miniscule playoff hopes alive with a 3-1 win over Dallas. Nashville lost to Chicago, which is good, but the the yellow-dog Phoenix Coytoes laid down and lost to St. Louis 5-1, which makes our path to the playoffs almost impossible.

The situation is this: The Wild need to win Friday night against Nasvhile, and Saturday night at Columbus. Then, either Anaheim needs to lose its two remaining games, or St. Louis can earn only one point in its two remaining games.

Confusing? Yes, but that's how it all works.

Friday night may be the last appearance by Marian Gaborik at the X in a Wild sweater. That's a sad thought that I'll write a litle more about later.


  1. Ok you are in my favs T A

  2. Gabby's last game isn't THAT sad...he could be leaving on a more positive note. Take that cursed groin somewhere else--just not in our conference, okay?