Saturday, February 6, 2010

How dumb is this guy? (Part 5)

I don't mean to sound like a broken record here, but, REALLY? This guy is considered smart? He got into Harvard? Holy affirmative action, Batman.

Here he is at Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast, reading (again) from his teleprompter. He comes across the word "corpsman," which is pronounced core-man (as anyone who ever watched a war movie knows). Instead, boy genius pronounces it "corpse-man." And just to prove that (in his mind) it wasn't a mistake, he does it again a few seconds later.

If it's final Jeopardy and the players are this guy and Dan Quayle, my money's on Quayle every time.

Imagine that: The commander-in-chief of the mightiest army in the world doesn't know what a corpsman is, or even how to pronounce it, even though there are corpsmen stationed in the White House itself. Yeah, that helps me sleep better.


  1. Just when you think obama can't get any more pathetic................. He tops himself again and again........... His reign can't end soon enough................ One year down, just three to go (albeit 3 LONG years...)....

    TFMH :}

  2. Believe it or not, I was a corpsman in the Army many years ago. Back then we had highschool dropouts as our intructors for basic training and advanced individual training. Never was I ever referred to as a "corpsman". That includes coming from both military personnel and civilian friends and relatives.
    Can't wait until next week to see what else this bozzo will say.

  3. I say, if Bush had said this, the media would have it on the front page....always a double standard in a liberal country!

  4. Must be the new democrat strategery.