Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little hockey flashback

I'm sitting here late on Wednesday night, watching the Czech Republic take on Slovakia in hockey. Tons of talent in this game...the Hossa brothers, Gaborik (playing hurt for a change), Jagr, Demitra, Havlat and Zidlicky from the Wild, Vokoun, Elias, Kuba...lots of fun players.

Flash back a couple of years. The Wild - with Gaborik and Demitra - are facing Atlanta, with Marian Hossa. It's early in the day and the teams are going through morning skates. In the hallway between the locker rooms, the three Slovaks are chatting away in their native tongue.

Wild coach Jacques Lemaire walks by, sees the three of them and says, "They must be discussing backchecking."

If that doesn't strike you as funny, you aren't watching enough hockey.

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