Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair and balanced?

The Star-Tribune sent staffer Mike Kaszuba to Cannon Falls today to live-blog the President's visit. In the space of four blog posts, Kaszuba managed to find three people with nice things to say about Obama. Who were they?

Well, the first was a man described as having "sympathy" for the President. "I blame Congress for most of the problems," he said.

Then came a fellow who said Obama needs to attack Republicans more. "We tend to forget what he's accomplished in two years," he said.

Finally came a review of Obama's speech. "I thought it was terrific," said a guy named Bruce Roberts.

So who were these three? Well, the first guy, named Bud Widholm, was described as "a retired state employee."

The second, Tim Bowes, was "a public school teacher from Red Wing."

And Bruce Roberts? "A professor at St. Olaf College."

So there's your sampling: Three guys who make their living as recipients of taxpayer dollars. Yes, I'm sure they think deficit spending, higher taxes and a bigger, more intrusive government are all wonderful things. Another nice bit of balanced reporting by the mainstream media.