Sunday, August 7, 2011

What liberals really think about you

It's all summed up quite nicely in a piece you can read here, by someone named Jacob Weisberg, writing at the website. Weisberg is a classic liberal, who believes we need higher taxes, and that ultimately, only government can solve problems. He's a little pessimistic right now, because, as he puts it:

"...there's no point trying to explain complicated matters to the American people."

See, there's the problem: You and I are just too stupid to understand that there's nothing wrong with trillion-dollar deficits extending into the foreseeable future. We're too stupid to see what a genius Obama is, and how he could save the world if we'd just let him do whatever he wants.

Thank goodness we have upper-crust elites like Jacob Weisberg to do the thinking for all of us dummies out here. Now if we would just stop having elections - and hand our votes over to geniuses like Weisberg and Obama - they could fix the world and save us from our own stupidity. Wouldn't that be great?

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