Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great moments in government

Just a little sampler from the news today, with a common theme: Next time the government says it's running out of money, just remember that it still has enough money to do these things:

Click here to read about the ticket given to an 11-year-old girl for trying to save an injured bird.

Click here to read about the 4-year-old forced to shut down her lemonade stand.

Click here to read a similar story from Wisconsin.

And here for one in Georgia.

Click here to read about the public employee union that hired a private investigator to harass high school kids at their homes.

And just so you know this isn't just a recent phenomena, here is a story from 1934, when a private businessman was fined and jailed by the feds for not charging enough for his service.

Government. Yes, let's have lots more of it.

UPDATE: Just to show that Canadian government can be as stupid and money-wasting as our own, here is a story about a government health agency handing out $50,000 in free crack pipes. According to the story, the aim of the project is to "reach out to the rising number of crack cocaine smokers."

NOT a parody!

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