Monday, April 2, 2012

"Journalism" at NBC

Nobody is really draping themselves in glory with their behavior in the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman case. My two initial impressions are that Zimmerman was probably a little overzealous in his "neighborhood watch" activities and got in over his head. Ditto for Martin, who apparently has some history of violence, but didn't plan on his victim being armed.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, of course, raced in to again demonstrate that they are both cancers on society, promoting the peculiar notion that when a Hispanic guy and a black guy get into a fight, it's proof of white racism.

But the winner so far in the race to the bottom is NBC News, the same folks who a few years ago rigged up some explosives to "prove" that Chevy trucks were a fire hazard.

NBC got its hands on the tape of the 911 call Zimmerman made when he saw Martin wandering the neighborhood. Here's how NBC reported the call:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

But here's how the conversation actually happened:

Zimmerman: "We’ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there’s a real suspicious guy. It’s Retreat View Circle. The best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about."

911 Dispatcher: “Okay. And this guy, is he white black or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: “He looks black.

NBC did a quick cut-and-splice to make it appear that Zimmerman was "racially profiling" Martin, when in fact his observation about Martin's race was in response to a question from the 911 dispatcher.

NBC has announced an "internal investigation" into the deception. I can save them some time by simply giving them the results of that investigation now:

"NBC News is not interested in objective journalism, it's interested in promoting liberal points of view, and so the truth is bent every day to help leftist causes. This particular example is bad, because we got caught, but it's really not much different than what we do every day."

And that's all the "investigation" you need.


  1. I guess that's why Zimmerman is clearing heard uttering "f-ing coon".

  2. Your grammar aside, there's no evidence he said anything of the kind. Read here: