Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun weekend

Every once in a while I have to break away from trying to solve all of the world's problems and just enjoy a bit of life. So it was off to Chicago this weekend to watch my youngest daughter, Erin, and her fiancee, Todd, graduate from North Park University.

Erin, I'm happy to report, is a far more diligent student than her father, and she graduated with a double major, earning a degree in Bible & Theological Studies and another in Youth Ministry.

She and Todd will be married here in Red Wing on May 30, then head out to Colorado Springs (Todd's home) for a reception on June 6.

Granddaughter Anne - known to my blog readers as The Smartest Little Girl in The World - also made the trip, and got to spend some time riding around on my shoulders.

In addition to her skils as a student, Erin is also quite a photographer, and managed to snap this shot of Anne checking out some of the flowers on campus.

All in all, just a fun weekend and a chance to be a particularly proud papa.

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  1. Congrats, Dad/G'pa!! What fun memories!! Wishing you all another fabulous wedding!!

    The Fetching Mrs. Harker :)