Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wise words from.....Phil?!?

Though I'm a big golf fan, I've never been much of a Phil Mickelson fan. He seems to come off a little too smug and condescending for my taste, and I always enjoy it when he finishes behind Tigeri in a tournament.

But in this month's Golf Digest, Phil pulls out a quote from Ben Hogan that I really liked. He says that when he is tempted to take a day off, not practicing, he remembers that Hogan said:

"Every day you don't practice is another day longer that it will take you to get good."

That will get me out from behind the desk and off to the range.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmmmmmm...........never thought it would happen, but we actually disagree on something....I REALLY like Phil Mickelson!! Like Tiger, too; but always pull for Phil when the two face off! But, it's okay!!! We agree on the really, really important stuff!!

    The Lovely Mrs. Harker :)