Monday, May 4, 2009

A noble organization

Like most folks, my mailbox is filled with solicitations from various charities. Almost all are worthy, but of course, we all have to make decisions about which we can support. In my opinion, one of the very best is called "No Greater Sacrifice."

NGS works to provide scholarships for the children of members of the armed forces who are killed in action. I think it's an incredibly noble cause, and what I also like about the organization is that it is entirely staffed by volunteers; There are no paid staff or professional fundraisers, meaning that every dollar donated goes directly to scholarships.

You can read more about NGS here. NGS recently announced a campaign to try to find 8 million Americans (out of a population of more than 304 million) who would each donate $10 to their cause. That $80 million would be enough to fund the college education of the all the children who lost a parent in the service of their country in the War on Terror.

Here's how much I believe so much in the work of NGS: This morning I donated $30 to the cause. That's $10 for everyone who has signed up as a "follower" on my blog. For the next two weeks (until midnight, May 18) I'll donate another $10 for everyone who becomes a follower of Tim Droogsma's blog.

All you have to do is go to the bottom of the page, left-hand side, and click on "follow" using your Yahoo, Google, AIM or Open ID account. Sign up to receive my blog updates, and I'll donate $10 to No Greater Sacrifice. Of course, you're also welcome to donate yourself at their web site.

Come on, make me write a big check!

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