Friday, May 15, 2009

What they do with your money.

Some of my friends on the left (and yes, I do have them) like to laugh at my hostility to many of the things government does. They tend to think that government spends money on important, necessary things, while I tend to think that except for defending the shores, building roads and running the public schools, there isn't much that government does right, or should even try to be doing. (Obviously I'm oversimpifying our respective views, but you get the general perspective.)

So it's fun every once in a while to look at a few examples of just how wisely and efficiently the government takes your hard-earned money and spends it.

For example, there are the ...

Millions of dollars in Social Security "stimulus" checks sent to DEAD PEOPLE, some of whom never even received Social Security, here.

And the $7 billion "loan" to Chrysler made just a couple months ago that Chrysler now will not have to pay back here.

And the Minnesota state government hiring "freeze" that resulted in 5,100 new hires here.

And the State of California paying for office space that was vacant for four years here.

And the $15.1 billion in loans to GM - ostensibly to help save American jobs - that will help GM import cars from China here.

And one of my personal favorites: The City of San Francisco spending money to protect illegal immigant crack dealers from the INS. Great story here.

Are you SURE you want these people running your health care?

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